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Salclear Triathlon Sports Lubricant.


  • lubricates wetsuit seals and cuffs
  • lubricates zippers
  • reduces chafing of skin
  • lasting and water resistant


Trilube.....a lubricating fluid designed specifically for Triathletes.


Salclear Trilube is a multipurpose wetsuit seal lubricant designed to provide high lubricity, excellent water resistance and low hazard to the dive suit or the athlete.


The liquid product should be directly applied to natural and neoprene rubber seals* of wet and semidry suits... around the neck area, and cuff seals of both the arms and legs of the suit. On zippers too.


Salclear Trilube triathlon sports lubricant offers the triathlete the required lubricity in order to slip in and out of the the wetsuit especially during the T1 transition, allowing speedy removal without undue wear and tear to the cuff and neck seals. In a nutshell you can get in and out of the suit quicker.


...saving valuable seconds in the important transition between swim and bike....


Our product is a fluid and liquid concentrate, its easy to apply, economical in use, and an efficient way of enabling suit entry and exit. It has been designed with wash off resistance in mind, so its works as well taking the suit off when wet, as it does putting it on in the dry


* - note strictly not recommended for silicone rubbers and silicone thermoplastics inc. silicone rubber seals,, tubing, strapping, gaskets and other similar kit comprising mainly of silicone polymer..



Salclear Trilube - Lubrication for triathlon wetsuits

  • Application:

    water resistant wetsuit seal lubricant for triathlon,scuba and watersports



    Clear PVC bottle with dropper nozzle and white screw cap




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