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Salclear PPE is an antifog, cleaning fluid and sanitiser in one....for protective eyewear and faceshields.


Salclear PPE is a multipurpose product that serves the needs of those in the service and support sectors such as nursing, and care workers, and those in direct, close and regular contact with coworkers and the general public...necessitating the use of face protection

Salclear PPE provides an effective and long lasting antifog and antimist effect on eyewear and faceshields, and can be used on all types of transparent plastics.... perspex/acrylics, polycarbonate, glass, polyethylene, styrenics etc, as well as glass. The product can be used for both the cleaning and sanitising of this equipment, as well as providing a fog resistant coating on the interior surfaces of the eyewear or glass surfaces (mirrors, windows)

The formulation contains powerful detergents and solvents, these have a neutralising effect on Corona-type viruses

Frequent use on faceshields therefore not only provides fog free vision, but also very clean and sanitised surfaces. An additional benefit is that if the faceshields and eyewear are fog free they also remain sanitised and offer a continuing barrier…hence providing a visible way that there is some protection being offered.

- fog free
- clean and sanitised
- protection

Salclear PPE - Antimist spray for PPE

  • Antifog, cleaning fluid and sanitiser


    A pump spray antifog, eyewear cleaner and sanitising fluid



    50ml clear PVC bottle and black pump spray cap

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