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Polyester microfibre cloth for cleaning eyewear, visors, goggles, optical lenses and mirrors


• exceptionally soft

• non scratch

• highly absorbent to fluids

• machine washable/reuseable

• non linting

• fully knitted structure 300g/y


Knitted from 100% continuous filament polyester, the Salclear microfibre cloth ranks as one of the very best quality reusable wipiing cloths on the market.


Ideally suited for cleaning and maintenance of eyewear, we recommend the use of this cloth with all of our preparation, cleaning and anti fog products. One cloth is supplied free of charge with all antifog and rain repellent orders.


Synthetic microfibre has the optimal cleaning characteristics for polishing and buffing eyewear. Microfine and supple synthetic polymer filaments ensure smooth contact with glass or transparent plastic surfaces, leaving a clean and undamaged surface.


 Our microfibre cloths measure 37cm square, an ideal size for cleaning all types of eyewear and optical equipment including:

— motorcycle visors and screens

— scuba masks and swimming goggles

— spectacles, sunglasses

— sports eyewear including sports sunglasses, ski goggles, paintball goggles and visors,

— protective eyewear including safety eyewear, squash goggles, football visors

— optical equipment including camera lenses, binoculars, telescope lenses

Microfibre Cloth for eyewear

  • Eyewear/visor/mask cleaner

    Microfibre cloth. Note, supplied free of charge with all orders of antifogs and rain repellent



    1 x yellow or green polyester microfibre cleaning cloth 370mm x 370mm

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