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Salclear Sport

Salclear Sport, sunglasses antifog and cleaning fluid.

A potent anti fog spray and degreasing fluid  for sports sunglasses, protective eyewear and goggles, paintball masks, squash goggles, football and hockey visors and similar.

  • powerful lasting anti fog
  • humidity resistant
  • wash off resistant
  • no smear
  • superb degreaser and cleaning fluid
  • handy pump spray application

Please consult our test data gathered for Salclear Sport when used as an antifog for sports sunglasses and protective eyewear by clicking this link

An ideal product for mountain biking, triathlon, running sunglasses, climbing/mountaineering, paintball and many others. Salclear Sport is a high performance antifog that resists the weather, combats fogging up, and removes oils and greases from your eyewear too.