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Antifog Solutions and Demist products for sports, leisure,motorbiking and protective eyewear:
Salclear antifog, defog, and antimist technology for eyewear, including scuba diving, motorbike visors, ski goggles, spectacles, sports sunglasses and paintball visors.

Antifog, antimist and cleaning sanitiser for personal protective equipment (PPE, faceshields)

Rain repellent treatments for motorbike visors, eyewear and auto windshields and screens 

Lubricants for triathlon, scuba and athletics

NEW! Salclear Sanitiser, an alcohol based hand sanitiser and disinfectant

NEW! Salclear PPE, antifog, cleaner and sanitiser for protective faceshields (Personal Protective Equipment, PPE)

Shop By Categories

  • World leading technology in antifog solutions, defog, demist and antimist solutions

  • Prep and cleaning fluids for scuba masks and watersports eyewear

  • Water repellents, antifogs and degreasers for motorcycle helmets and visors, football and hockey eyeshields, paintball, ski, sunglasses and goggles, windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors and more.

  • Anti chafing/anti blister body lubricants, triathlon lubricant

  • Camera and optical equipment cleaning, degreasing and defogs/antimists

  • Alcohol based hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray

  • PPE eyewear antifog, antimist and cleaning sanitiser for faceshields​

The Salclear brand was established in 2003, a range of formulated products designed by our chemists, and intended for use on glass, transparent plastics, stainless steel and other surfaces prone to fogging. smudges, dirt or water.

Our market leading antifog solutions combine excellent cleaning characteristics with superb humidity resistance, water wash-off resistance and antifog performance in one.

We  make specialised fluids for preparation and cleaning of new scuba masks, goggles. visors, PPE protective faceshields and other eyewear; and we make rain repellent  fluids that aid the dissipation of rain and water droplets on visors and windshields.

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