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Ultra Antfog, Ultra Performance.


Salclear Ultra is a an antifog, antimist and defog fluid for scuba diving masks and swimming goggles. Designed specifically for warmer water.


Ideal for use in scuba diving pool training, or for use on swim goggles for kids or for triathletes.


  • Warm water wash off resistant*
  • Concentrated formula
  • Humidity resilient
  • designed for warm water activities, pools and tropical diving


Salclear antifogs are for the express use on clear transparent surfaces to prevent misting and fogging. Under no circumstances should the product come into direct or indirect contact with the eyes.


Click Here for Salclear Ultra frequently asked questions


Click Here for Salclear Ultra instructions for use


 * - humidity and wash off resistance tests in chlorinated fresh water at temperatures of 35C/95F, 40C/105F and up to 45C/113F were conducted. After 10 rinses at 40C/105F Salclear Ultra was still 100% effective.

Salclear Ultra -Anitmist spray for swimming goggles

  • Application:

    Diving Masks, Swimming Goggles. Warm water wash off resistant. Good for swimming pools.



    Clear PVC bottle with white screw cap and nozzle




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