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A ski goggles and snowsports eyewear anti mist spray


  • excellent cleaner and degreaser for goggles and sunglasses
  • potent anti fog spray
  • works in extremes of temperature and humidity
  • can be applied to spectacles inside ski goggles too!


Salclear Ski is a powerful sports antifog, defog and ski goggles demist fluid designed to cope with the worst that mountain weather and skiing can throw at it.


Very cold climatic temperatures combined with high humidity make this the worst environment for your sports eyewear to fog up. Salclear Ski copes where nearly all others fail**


Ski goggle lenses tend to be made from polycarbonate , cellulose triester, or poly methyl methacrylate (Perspex), so you need to select an antimist that functions on plastics, not just glass!


These materials are difficult to 'wet', and are difficult to stop fogging. Most commercial antifogs are safe to use on polycarbonate, but not all can be used with acrylic or cellulose ester resins. Salclear products are safe for all plastics.


Vented goggles or twin/double layered lenses are no match for a quality antifog. Plus, fogging usually occurs when the skier is stationary, and thats when air flow in vented goggles is worst!


Factory coated antifog goggles are mildly effective but are orders of magnitude less efficient than Salclear Ski, and through natural wear and tear, these soft coatings eventually erode and become useless.


Salclear ski goggles demist fluid cleans and prevents fogging of your goggles or ski sunglasses in one shot!


** - our standard antifog test involves immersing goggle lenses in steam from a boiling water source AND putting cold goggles from a fridge into a warm humid environment.

Very few commercially available products pass these tests. Factory coated antifog goggles are very poor under these test conditions

Salclear Ski - Antimist Spray for Ski Goggles

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