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Salclear Runlube is a running, athletics and sports personal lubricant fluid - an anti chafing aid.


The chafing of skin on skin, or skin on fabrics and running shoes can cause soreness, blistering and bleeding that at best spoils your daily run, and at worst puts you out of action until the wounding heals.


A simple application of Salclear Runlube sports lubricant fluid and your worries are gone.

Runlube is a smooth, silky easily applied fluid, with excellent skn feel, and superb lasting lubricity. One application to the skin area which is likely to chafe and hurt is all that is required prior to your run. and away you go..


Salclear Runlube is a non staining and non yellowing product. It washes out readily from your sporting clothing without a trace, and is easily wiped away from the skin in the shower.


Easy to use, efficient and non hazardous to you or your clothing.. What more do you need for your run?


Listed below are a few key properties and benefits of Salclear Runlube:


  • high lubricity fluid
  • excellent toxicological profile
  • low order of skin absorption - so a little goes a long way  
  • non staining, non yellowing - wont damage or mark fabrics
  • non drying - doesn't leave a flaky sticky mess behind
  • moisturising, smooth, and silky feel
  • very easy to apply and use.

Salclear Runlube - Lubrication for athletics and running

  • Application:

    Sports and athletic lubricant - chafe prevention running and athletics lube



    Clear PVC with pointed polyethylene dropper nozzle and white screw cap




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