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Salclear NMP is a new mask preparation fluid for scuba diving masks. New scuba mask preparation and degreasing has never been easier...


Salclear NMP (new mask prep) has been designed to specifically meet the needs of the sports and professional scuba diver in cleaning and preparing new face masks prior to their first use.


  • powerful degreaser
  • non abrasive formula
  • removes silicone and hydrocarbon waxes
  • anti fog primer


Now in a new 15ml bottle!


How it works:

A simple application of a few drops of Salclear NMP, a quick wipe or two; a squirt of Salclear AquaSport and a quick wipe or two... and you are done! Cleaned and defogged.


It's that simple. New scuba masks are degreased, cleaned and antifogged in two minutes!


Click Here for instructions/use info on Salclear NMP


Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions on Salclear NMP scuba diving mask preparation fluid.

Salclear NMP - Antimist spray for scuba masks

  • New pack size, now 15ml!



    Cleaning and preparation of new diving masks and swimming goggles. Enough to clean and prepare two new masks



    translucent medium density polyethylene bottle with black flip cap and domed dropper nozzle




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