Salclear Clubclean

Salclear ClubClean is a golf club cleaning fluid and anticorrosive spray.


This product is a convenient spray applied cleaning and maintenance fluid for use on golf clubs.

Salclear ClubClean should be used on all parts of the golf club, head, shaft and handle in order to remove soil, dirt and grease; and will leave the clubs in gleaming condition ready for the next round.


With its added functional agents, Salclear ClubClean both cleans and protects, leaving your clubs shining and protected from corrosion and the negative effects of the outside environment.

ClubClean will rejuventate leather handles and help maintain their suppleness; will dissolve and disperse any of the soils that the golf course can throw at your clubs; and leave metal parts gleaming and resilient to the rusting or tarnishing effects of water or weather.

Salclear Clubclean golf club cleaning fluid can even be used on your golfing shoes to clean, protect and maintain their shine and water resistance.