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Salclear D-Fog

Salclear D-fog is a trade window, glazing and double glazing fog dispersal and preventative system. It is a combination of two of our in-house developed technologies:

D-fog degreaser and glazing primer

D-fog antimist and fogging preventative fluid.

product is available in 1L bottles

These are trade products designed for use in reconditioning sealed double glazing units.

They are treatments for double glazing unit failure.

The typical lifespan of a sealed double glazed unit can be from 5 to 10 years before there are signs of deterioration of the sealed unit, leading to an ingress of air and moisture. In effect the unit fails, as is evident by fogging, misting and condensation appearing on the inner surfaces of the glass.

These glazing units can be reconditioned and rejuventated at a lower cost than completely replacing the unit with a new one.

Salclear D-Fog is used as part of the reconditioning process where its unique properties allow the inner surfaces of the glass to be degreased and primed, and then subsequently rendered fog resistant for years.

Resealing the double glazed unit at the factory then leaves it as new and ready for service again.


Spray or wipe application of Salclear D-Fog antifog fluid renders the inner glass surfaces fog resistant, and our own in house tests showed that they remain fog free for over 2 years.

  • powerful degreaser, surface cleaner and drying aid
  • antifog primer
  • potent antimist fluid
  • lasting streak and fog free glass surfaces

Our trade Salclear D-Fog comprises of 1 x 1L bottle of D-Fog degreaser/primer/drying aid and 1 x 1L bottle of D-Fog antimist fluid

trade enquiries for Salclear D-Fog should be made to tel: 0044 1624 838507