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Salclear Geargunk

Salclear GearGunk is a fishing tackle cleaning fluid, degreaser and anticorrosive spray.

Fishing can be a messy sport - coupled with the damp environment, it can prove a dirty and damaging mix for expensive tackle, rods and reels.

Salclear GearGunk has been created to help the fishing enthusiast keep his/her tackle in tip top condition. It's a potent spray that can be applied to the surfaces of the rod, eyelets, reel seat and handles to dissolve and disperse dirt, slime, fish scales and general grime.

Regular use will both keep the tackle in good condition, and help prevent rusting and damage from the elements.



With added rust inhibitors and water repellents Salclear GearGunk creates a barrier that prevents the long term deterioration of fishing tackle from fresh and salt water, and the weather.

Spray apply Salclear GearGunk to your fishing rod and reel and buff with a soft lint free cloth to remove, grease, salt and all the other sorts of 'gunk' that can corrode your expensive tackle.

Salclear GearGunk - a fishing tackle cleaning fluid that CLEANS and PROTECTS.