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Salshield Shuproof

A water repellent spray and conditioner for smooth leather hiking and motorbiking boots

Shuproof is a water proofing and reproofing wax spray concentrate, for treating smooth and full grained leather hiking and motorbiking boots.

It is a companion product to our other outdoor wear products, Salshield DWR durable water repellent spray treatment for rainwear, and Salclear Leatherbuff, our leather cleaner and degreaser. More information on the Salshield range can be found at

Cleaning, conditioning and protecting your leather frequently is important in extending the lifetime of your footwear. Wear and tear can lead to deterioration of the leather causing swelling, mildew, and stiffening of the leather. If the leather is not supple it can split and crack.

Unprotected leather is also susceptible to spotting and staining from water and other liquids. Hence it is important to use products such as Shuproof frequently to enhance the longevity of your boots, keeping them supple and weather resistant.



Supplied in a 50ml pump spray bottle Salshield Shuproof provides:

Unique performance additive package - synthetic polymer/wax formulation

  • Gives water repellency
  • Prolongs life and performance of all smooth leather footwear
  • supports suppleness and durability of the boot.
  • Enhances stain resistance of leather/synthetic leather and synthetic footwear
  • Easy to apply, using spray and damp cloth
  • Can be applied to wet or dry boots
  • Useful on both mixed synthetic (eg. Nylon) uppers and smooth leathers (natural and synthetic)*
  • Water Based, non hazardous and environmentally friendly formulation.

Salshield Shuproof is supplied as a 50ml pump spray bottle, with a top quality natural soft hair brush with varnished wooden grip, and 3 re usable non woven wiping cloths. For additional information, please see our dedicated website

* some noticeable darkening of the footwear is possible especially on light or tan coloured leathers, please consult your footwear manufacturers instructions.