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Salshield DWR

Salshield DWR, a durable water repellent fabric treatment spray for outdoor garments

DWR = Durable Water Repellent.

It is a spray applied product formulated for use on outdoor clothing and equipment in order to rejuvenate the fabrics water resistance and water repellency.


Use Salshield DWR durable water repellent fabric treatment spray on*:

  • waterproof and water resistant jackets inc. breathable materials
  • leggings, trousers
  • gaiters, gloves, headwear
  • footwear incl.synthetic and leather boots, walking shoes and running shoes inc. fell shoes.


Salshield DWR is easy to apply, requiring use of the pump spray directly onto the fabric then sponging the product over the whole area with a common household sponge, then allowing the treated garment to hang dry for 30 mins.

The action and effect of Salshield DWR is almost immediate. The recoated fabric repels water to the point where water beads on the surface of the garment in very small droplets, and these droplets resist sticking to the clothing, causing the water to run off quickly and effectively.

Rapid water run off equates to minimal water absorption - so you are drier for longer.

Salshield DWR is a water borne low molecular weight polymer, so its penetration on synthetics is good, giving excellent depth of fibre coverage, and lasting protection.

We also produce Salshield Shuproof, full grained leather footwear waterproofing spray and conditioner

* - also consult the garment manufacturers directions and advice, test suitability to particular fabric types and colours of Salshield DWR prior to application.