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Salshield Mosipel N

Salshield Mosipel N is a natural mosquito and flying insect repellent


If you are an insect, dont read any further, its scary!


Mosipel N is a natural insect repellent, that offers much reduced hazard for frequent use when compared to  synthetic alternatives.

As its name suggests its basis is plant derived or Natural active ingredients, providing efficacy and broad spectrum activity with optimal toxicology and low hazard to health.

Salshield Mosipel N is designed for frequent and regular use by all of the family, mums, dads and kids.

It is particularly more suitable for youngers, who because of their age can be suscepible to adverse reactions from synthetic based repellents, eg. those based on DEET.


We've carried out extensive tests on Mosipel N within the Zambezi Valley at Victorial Falls, Zimbabwe... a region well known for its mosquito and malaria problems.

Because Mosipel N is of plant origin, it has a distinctive smell which keeps most flying insects away... things like mosquitos, bees, wasps,common flies, midges, ticks and lice.

We've given longevity to Mosipel N by formulating additives to reduce evaporative loss of the active oils, and prevent these ingredients from washing away easily during rain, in high humidity, sweating, or splashes from pond, river or lake water.

So Salshield Mosipel N keeps the flying insects at bay, and provides enhanced and lasting cover... great for users such as campers, hikers, hunters or fishermen... but not so appealing if you are bug!

Salshield Mosipel N is a Natural plant extract based mosquito and flying insect repellent.


see our field test results in Africa by clicking on this link.