Salclear Vision+

Salclear Vision+ coated spectacle lens antifog cleaner



Vision + is a high end product designed to solve fogging and misting problems on coated eyewear....the most challenging surfaces.

Specifically intended as an antifog for smudge resistant, hydrophobically coated sports lenses or spectacles, scratch resistant coated, as well as antiglare coated lenses, and high index (short sighted) CR39 lenses, polyurethane lenses and glass.

In short, it works where others just don't.


Salclear Vision + coated spectacle lens antifog cleaner comes into action where 99.9% of other antifogs fail! ... on surfaces that are hydrophobic and difficult to wet out.

This includes a lot of modern day eyewear, particularly smudge resistant and water repellent sports lenses in high end sunglasses, and in high index glass lenses used for people who are very short sighted.

Vision+ offers for the first time, a premium technically advanced product to misting sufferers, where hitherto a solution did not exist.

Product is supplied with a quality microfibre cloth.