Salclear Visorprep

Salclear Visorprep is a one-shot cleaning, degreasing and antifog primer fluid for motorbike visors and goggles.

Cleaning and priming the surface of your visor with Visorprep renders a visor surface to which anti fog products bond more readily. So Visorprep enhances the affect of your anti fog.

On older visors cleaning in hot soapy water is insufficient to remove residual soils and greases ... mineral and synthetic oils do not dissolve easily, and residues from the visor production process hampers performance.

So the best way to clean and prep the visor surface is with a tailor made degreaser such as Visorprep.

  Supplied in a single shot 15ml dropper bottle, Visorprep provides:
  • powerful degreaser, removes synthetic and mineral oils and waxes
  • safe to use on polycarbonate
  • non hazardous
  • non abrasive formula
  • anti fog primer action

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Salclear Visorprep can be purchased separately (3 bottles per pack, plus 1 microfibre cloth).