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Salshield Rusteze

Salshield Rusteze anti rust spray and corrosion inhibitor

Salshield Rusteze is a corrosion and rust preventative spray designed for use primarily in the motorbike industry.

It is a high end product. High performance, lasting corrosion protection.

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Salshield Rusteze anti rust spray has many uses and applications in sports and leisure including but not limited to

  • motorbiking
  • mountainbiking,
  • watersports and pleasure craft,
  • go karting
  • automotive
  • industrial (inc. heavy lifting cables)

Apply it to all metal parts to prevent the detremental effects of water and road salt, or use regularly as a maintenance polish and water repellent.


See our download data on corrosion tests for iron nails immersed in salt water for Rusteze compared to three other market leading anti corrosive products.

  The excellent condition of iron nails after treatment with Salshield Rusteze and then immersion in sea water for 3 months  


click here to download the corrosion tests results and photos for Salshield Rusteze.

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