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Salclear TT

Salclear TT visor antifog spray.

 Salclear TT is a visor and goggles anti fog and demist spray, and forms part of the Visorclear range of products dedicated to protective eyewear from Salclear.

Salclear TT visor antifog spray takes its name from the world famous Isle of Man TT races, in which it has been race tested and used year after year.


It is a road race tested and approved visor antifog, defog and cleaning fluid, powerful enough to cope with wide ranges of humidity and condensation, and at the same time resist wash off and deterioration in performance... so it lasts!

  • Humidity resistant
  • potent anti fog action
  • no smear formulation
  • easy spray and wipe application
  • excellent degreaser and squashed bug remover
  • anti glare properties for nightime use
Please note that when applying TT antifog you should use a clean and different cloth to that which you use to apply TT-X, the rain repellent. Otherwise the two products effectively cancel each other out, and the best performance is not obtained from either product. Of note for customers buying our Visorclear offer of TT+TT-X


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