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Salclear Saniscube

Salclear Saniscube - scuba diving disinfectant.

For the effective disinfection and sanitisation of all scuba diving and watersports kit.

Salclear Saniscube is a powerful disinfectant for sanitizing all scuba diving equipment.

It is virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and mycobactericidal and is specially formulated as a divesuit, BCD and general purpose equipment disinfectant concentrate.

It is a companion product to our scuba diving detergent concentrate Salclear Scubasoap, and provides a formulated and potent antimicrobial sanitiser for all scuba diving and watersports equipment.


Salclear Saniscube is effective, economical and safe for all surface areas including rubbers, plastics, and metals; and for use in all human environments.

Scuba equipment should be cleaned and degreased using Salclear Scubasoap first, and the worst of the spoilage and dirt removed by washing with Scubasoap followed by a cold fresh water rinse.

The diving equipment should then be immersed in a dilute solution of Salclear Saniscube with cold or warm fresh water at a concentration of one part Saniscubeā„¢ to 200 parts water, and left to soak for between 15 and 30 minutes.

The equipment should then be removed from the solution and rinsed in fresh water before hanging to dry. Depending on the level of soilage of the equipment, the Saniscube dilute solution may be used to disinfect a few separate sets of kit.


Salclear Saniscube scuba diving disinfectant has been tested effective against Mycobacteria and spores using EPA and EN protocols in addition to a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Salclear Scubasoap and Saniscube, nothing cleans and disinfects diving kit better.

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