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Salclear Stingsolve

A common jellyfish sting treatment and therapeutic fluid.

Stingsolve is a quick, easy to apply, and effective way of dealing with jellyfish stings. Ideal for scuba diving, surfing or simply holiday trips on the beach.

Salclear Stingsolve jellyfish sting treatment is an effective treatment for common jellyfish stings. It is an active remedy that should be applied onto and around the skin areas affected by the sting, and it quickly neutralises the activity of the living sting cells (nematocytes).

Specifically the product works by attacking still active sting cells that have not yet discharged their toxin, and hence Salclear Stingsolve is most effective in preventing further stings and pain, rather than eliminating the pain associated with stings that have already taken place.



Apply Salclear Stingsolve jellyfish sting treatment liberally to the area of the sting as per instructions on the bottle. Avoid rubbing the skin, since this triggers active sting cells. Soak the wound in Salclear Stingsolve for 10-20 minutes to further inhibit sting cell discharge.

Note: Although our product inhibits sting cell activity, it does not provide pain relief.

After sting deactivation, carefully remove any visible tentacles or sting cells if visible and accessible, then consult a qualified physician.

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