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Salclear Scubalube

Salclear Scubalube wet suit lubricant.

Salclear Scubalube is a wet suit or dry suit seal and zipper lubricant, ideally suited for scuba diving, surfing, triathlon and other watersports.

  • High lubricity fluid
  • Prevents tearing and damage to latex neck and wrist seals
  • Zipper lubricant that wont clog and attract dirt
  • Safe to use on rubber and skin

 Wet, semi dry and drysuits have soft rubber latex seals which feature around the neck area, wrists and ankles, keeping the water out altogether or preventing the circulation of water inside the suit.

The process of putting the suit on and taking it off causes gradual wear and tear on the seals. More so in activities such as triathlon when the wetsuit is quickly removed in the first transition stage.


 Brass and even the latest nylon coated zippers can be hard to close, and it is even harder without the use of a specialist lubricant designed for the purpose.

Ease the whole process with Salclear Scubalube, our new seal and zipper lubricant for divesuits.


 Salclear Scubalube does not clog breathing valves like talc, and it does not accumulate dirt and debris like cheap wax zipper lubes.

It's non drying formula will enable seals to slip on easily, help to prevent neck chafing, and it's non tacky, non greasy formulation will leave the skin feeling soft and moisturised, not irritated after the use of cheap washing up liquid.



Salclear Scubalube is non hazardous and it won't dry to a flaky mess leaving the bottle nozzle or zipper clogged either!

No need now to buy separate seal lubricants and zipper lubes, when you can do both jobs with one product. Apply Salclear Scubalube before and after the dive to seals, cuffs and zippers.

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