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Salclear e-drops

Salclear e-drops is an ear drops product and dewatering aid designed for regular watersports

  • Removes trapped water droplets in the outer ear canal
  • low 'burn' mild formulation
  • for frequent use in watersports

Water lodged in the outer ear canal is uncomfortable and irritating. It can also lead to impairment of hearing, tinnitus, or worse still pain in more serious cases. Salclear e-drops was created to tackle these problems.

The ear naturally contains fats and oils which collectively are called cerumen. Its function is to protect the ear and help transport small particles and dirt outwards. Excessive secretion of cerumen can narrow the ear canal and assist the entrapment of water. Additionally, the shape of every individuals outer ear canal can differ slightly and this too can in some cases aid the trapping of water which has ingressed into the ear. Scratching, or poking when the ear is blocked damages the ear canal's sensitive lining, allowing infection to get in, called otitis externa.

  Salclear e-drops has been designed by watersports enthusiasts, it is a swimming ear drops product suitable for swimmers, triathlon, scuba diving and surfing.....

Otitis Externa occurs when ears become waterlogged through swimming or scuba diving. The canal swells, becoming narrow and painful. Hearing becomes a problem, and often a discharge appears from the ear . Under these circumstances, antibiotic drops are needed, together with a strong painkiller. When it's very severe, the ear needs to be cleaned out by an ear specialist if the treatment is to be effective.

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