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Salclear Aquasport

Water resistant watersports anti fog spray

Salclear Aquasport is a top quality scuba diving and watersports antimist, antifog and general purpose cleaning fluid in one.

Salclear AquaSport meets the demanding needs of the sports, recreational or commercial diver, as well as being eminently suitable for use by competition swimmers on their goggles, or indeed the kids ones too. In short, its our best watersports antimist.


The formulation has the desired target properties 

  • good cleaning and degreasing fluid for mask and other dive gear
  • excellent antifog characteristics
  • sprayable easy to use package
  • wash off resistance
  • low smear characteristics on glass
  • zipper cleaner and lube in one

Wash off resistance is a key property for the scuba and swimming market, and the AquaSport formulation provides just that. So one application will last multiple dives, as well as the bottle lasting many months in use.

AquaSport survives multiple complete immersions in cold water. Most other products are weak by comparison.

Salclear antifogs are for the express use on clear transparent surfaces to prevent misting and fogging. Under no circumstances should the product come into direct or indirect contact with the eyes

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