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Salclear, antimist and antifog for glass, plastics and mirrors for cars, in the home, or for optical equipment such as binoculars and high powered telescopes.

A general purpose anti mist spray designed for regular use around the home, in automotive and higher tech applications.

Salclear anti mist spray is designed to combat fogging and misting of all transparent and reflective surfaces made of plastics, glass, mirrors or reflective metals.

One application of Salclear lasted over two years when applied to a bathroom mirror!

  • No smear formulation
  • high resistance to humidity
  • good wash off characteristics
  • good longevity
  • excellent cleaner and degreaser

    suggested uses: bathroom mirrors, kitchen windows, car windscreens, camera lenses, binoculars, security camera housings, spotting scopes

    We are now partnered by Celestial Bathroom, a UK distributor and supplier of mirrors and cabinets to the UK retail market. They now offer Salclear as part of a mirror care pack to trade customers.