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Salclear Sinazo

Salclear Sinazo nasal decongestant spray.

Salclear Sinazo nasal decongestant spray is a natural based hayfever spray, decongestant and sinus treatment product for use in outdoor, sports, scuba diving and running/athletics.

A natural hayfever and decongestant formulated for frequent use.

Salclear Sinazo nasal decongestant spray is a sinus and nazal spray designed to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion and hayfever, particularly prevalent in active sports people.

The serious repercussions of not having clear airways and nasal passages are evident in scuba diving. The noncompressible middle ear cavity makes the ear susceptible to damage from ambient pressure changes associated with diving to increasing depth.

Inner ear barotraumas can occur if the diver has trouble 'clearing' (pressure equalisation in the middle ear) during a dive, resulting in severe dizziness and hearing loss. The pain can be severe and the damage intermediate or long term.

Sinazo is especially useful for those people requiring clear nasal passages in order to pursue their interests during intense exercise...scuba divers, swimmers and other aquatic sports; as well as in athletic sports such as marathon and fell running.



 An advanced and effective natural preparation that:

- Cleans the nasal passages

- reduces and calms swelling and inflammation of mucosa

- offers a protective lining and barrier to the tissues of the nasal passage and upper respiratory system

...enabling clear and easier breathing......



Sinazo is the most advanced and effective natural preparation fulfilling the essential functions, and incorporates natural agents that deal with the causes not just the symptoms of nasal congestion and hayfever.

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